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About Us

All you need is Just One Bite, I won't tell. Who are we? We are a vending business based in Connecticut, that services various locations all over the state. We started from one day I was at work hungry, so I decided to walk over to our vending machine in the breakroom. As usual it was empty, It had been weeks since it was last refilled. Hungry and frustrated I knew I could do this better, that's when Just One Bite was born. 

Smiling Girl at Vending Machine


Our mission is to provide above and beyond service to our clients and their employees. Whether you need something small to eat at your desk or a quick drink during your shift. We pride ourselves in listening to our customers wants and needs.


Our vision is to change the image of vending machines. Take a look around vending machines are everywhere, and more often than not, not taken care of. At Just One Bite that's something we want to change. We aim to show what good quality vending service is.

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